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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Instrumentation for analytical measurements

With instrumentation used for analytical measurements in process environment we are able to define the content of chemical streams. So we can control the composition of intermediate and final products. Analytical instrumentation may be classified regarding to the measuring method employed, as follows:


  1. Gas and liquid chromatography; 
  2. Infrared analysers;
  3. Ultraviolet analysers;
  4. Turbidimeters;
  5. Densimeters;
  6. Viscometers;


  1. Electrolytic conductivity meters
  2. pH meters (hydrogen ion concentration).
Operational principles of analytical instruments are based on the interactions between energy and matter. Matter is made of complex arrangements of particles. Each particle has its mass, electrical charge, or is neutral. Neutrons (with mass, but without electrical charge) and protons (with mass almost equal to that of a neutron and with a unit positive charge) form the nuclei of atoms, and determine their atomic weight, and chemical and physical properties of substance. Chemical properties are also characterized by the number of electrons (with negligible mass and with a unit negative electric charge) and their energy state. If we can observe the results of interaction (change of the energy state of electrons) between these electrons and energy from external source, then we will be able to obtain information about the composition of a particular substance. Among types of energy we can mention electromagnetic radiation, chemical reactivity, electric and magnetic fields, thermal and mechanical energy.

The links below will explain the instrumentation for analytical measurements in detail :

Article Source:: Dr. Alexander Badalyan, University of South Australia


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