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Thursday, September 15, 2011

P & I Diagram :Introduction

A Piping and Instrumentation Diagram - P&ID, is a schematic illustration of functional relationship of piping, instrumentation and system equipment components.
P&ID shows all of piping including the physical sequence of branches, reducers, valves, equipment, instrumentation and control interlocks.
The P&ID are used to operate the process system.
A P&ID should include:
  •     Instrumentation and designations
  •     Mechanical equipment with names and numbers
  •     All valves and their identifications
  •     Process piping, sizes and identification
  •     Miscellaneous - vents, drains, special fittings, sampling lines, reducers, increasers and swagers
  •     Permanent start-up and flush lines
  •     Flow directions
  •     Interconnections references
  •     Control inputs and outputs, interlocks
  •     Interfaces for class changes
  •     Seismic category
  •     Quality level
  •     Annunciation inputs
  •     Computer control system input
  •     Vendor and contractor interfaces
  •     Identification of components and subsystems delivered by others
  •     Intended physical sequence of the equipment
This figure depict a very small and simplified P&ID:

A P&ID should not include:
  •     Instrument root valves
  •     control relays
  •     manual switches
  •     equipment rating or capacity
  •     primary instrument tubing and valves
  •     pressure temperature and flow data
  •     elbow, tees and similar standard fittings
  •     extensive explanatory notes 
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